Songs for the City

Type: Concert
Title: 'Songs for the City' (Poland) 

Direction: Mateusz Przyłęcki
Musical direction: Tomasz Krzyżanowski
Performers: Hubert Domański, Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Maciej Maciaszek, Sean Palmer, Kuba Pałys, Maciej Staniecki, Piotr Starzyński, Marcin Styborski 

Duration: 120 minutes

Date: 28.08.2016 (Sunday)
Time: 1 pm
Place: urban spaces
Admission is free



'I thought that I really would love to create a project in which a group of singing men would go out into the city - into the most crowded and chaotic places, into areas full of rush and full of people, where everyone feels lonely, separated and focused only on his own issues - and in those places we would sing a cappella an old, traditional song. A song which might help someone to stop for a moment, to take a deep breath, to come into contact with himself, to feel the present moment, to be in the here and now, to open up to other people.

The songs which we will perform come from a variety of traditions, religions and cultures. In this way we want to show respect to all the inhabitants of the city, those coming from different nationalities and religions, those who have lived here for generations and those who have just moved here recently. We want each song to have a real effect on the different spaces of the city, and we will concentrate on making sure each song works through the sound and the harmony which is written into it. Some of the songs which we will perform, among others, are: "Tsmidao Ghmerto" (Georgia), "Vokuro" (Iceland), "Kyrios Poimainei Me - Psalm 22" (hymn of monks from Athos Mountain), traditional Polish song from XVI Century.'

Mateusz Przyłęcki 


The „Songs for the City” Project is created by:

Mateusz Przyłęcki - theatre director in Teatr Współczesny and Kana Theatre in Szczecin, Teatr Ludowy in Cracow, Teatr Dramatyczny in Białystok, Teatr Pinokio in Lodz / Tomasz Krzyżanowski - composer, musician, vocalist, musical director of The Great Choir of Young CHOREA, musical director in CHOREA Theatre / Kuba Pałys - vocal instructor, pianist, vocalist / Piotr Starzyński - actor and vocalist form Kana Theatre in Szczecin / Marcin Styborski - musician and vocalist in Marry No Wayne band / Maciek Maciaszek – trumpet player, vocalist, actor, member of CHOREA Theatre / Sean Palmer - actor, vocalist, director of Gre Badanie Choir and Polin Choir / Hubert Domański - actor, vocalist, theatre teacher and instructor, member of CHOREA Theatre / Maciek Staniecki - composer, music producer, sound director and editor.