Type: Concert, festival premiere
Title: 'Excluded'
Artist: The Cormorants Group and friends (Poland)

Composer: Igor Gawlikowski
The Cormorants Group: Jacek "Tuńczyk" Fedorowicz, Krzysztof "Konik" Konieczny, Piotr "Bluesman" Jankowski, Artur "Gaja" Krawczyk, Andrzej Hejne, Marcin Witkowski, Igor Gawlikowski

Duration: 60-80 minutes (no intermissions)

Date: 25.08.2016 (Thursday)
Time: 9 pm
Place: room C_201, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz
Admission is free
Concert as a part of the LDZ Alternatywa Festival




'Excluded' is the latest project of The Cormorants Group - authors of amazing artistic and musical happenings, masters of theatre and film music. The event will take a form of an experimental musical performance, which will take the audeince on a journey back in time into the world of Slavic ancestors. Into the universe of gods, mischievous demons and lost souls, where life flowes in accordance to the sacred cycle of creation, where each human activity has its ritual significance and is inseparably linked to the pulsing lifeblood of Mother Earth, where the real transition is possible...


THE CORMORANTS - a musical formation considered to be a legend on the Polish alternative scene. Authors of amazing artistic and musical happenings, masters of theater and film music. The group was created spontaneously and it has developed in its own mysterious direction. The Cormorants never fit into any classification, even if for many years they mainly created music for various theatrical performances. Though The Cormorants’ music is principally derived from theatre and performance art, it has never been just a simple background for the action on the stage. In and of itself, it is so vivid and ingenious that it is suitable for placement in an art gallery as 'independent sound images without a frame', or 'shape-shifting musical sculptures', or 'sensory installations'. Another parallel is 'music for a film, without a film', because it is the music which evokes the images and tells the stories. These unusual qualities are the result of the unique cooperation of the company's composers and performers, who for over 25 years have been sharing their joint explorations and experimentations. Regardless of the context in which one would like to place their music, The Cormorants have the power of enchanting with sound.