Type: Concert
Title: 'Georgian Traditional Music'
Artist: Ensemble Sakhioba (Georgia) 

Musical Director: Malkhaz Erkvanidze
Singers: Soso Kopaleishvili, Davit Abramishvili, Tornike Kandelaki, Beka Kovziashvili, Davit Jamrishvili, Giorgi Gvimradze, Tornike Skhiereli, David Batirashvili, Davit Shukakidze, Giorgi Dzaganishvili, Vladimer Shonia, Vakhtang Tsetskladze, Beqa Kemularia 

Duration: 90 minutes (no intermissions)

Date: 25.08.2016 (Thursday)
Time: 6 pm
Place: glass hall, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz
Tickets: 30 pln / 20 pln



Ensamble Sakhioba is committed to the revival of traditional Georgian music, with special attention paid to the intonation, timbre and arrangements of traditional singers. The group performs all songs as close to their original context as possible, which also makes performances very entertaining. Work songs are sung in three or four part harmony as they would have been sung originally in the fields, dance songs come with lively martial dances, and solo ballads are accompanied by traditional instruments. During the concert Ensamble Sakhioba will perform old Georgian traditional church and folk music, as well as traditional Georgian dances and instruments.


Sakhioba was formed in 2006 and has quickly established a fine reputation both domestically and internationally. The ensemble has recorded 6 albums and made recent successful tours of the USA and UK. All fourteen members of Sakhioba studied Georgian sacred music from an early age. In Georgia, sacred and folk music share close ties so the singers are experts in traditional folk songs, dances and instrumental music. The ensemble is led by Malkhaz Erkvanidze, a world authority on Georgian polyphonic music. He has spent his life rescuing church hymns and prayers that were suppressed under Soviet communism. His six books of Georgian hymns have been published with CD's, and he has written many articles about the distinctive musical structure of Georgian polyphony. He is an experienced teacher and workshop instructor.